Marketers that adapt their stories to the age-old dramatic structure keep buyers begging for more.

Source: The Shawshank Redemption from Castle Rock Entertainment.

What is your story really about?

When Kodak marketing executives ask Mad Men’s Don Draper to promote the wizardry of their new Carousel projector, Don takes a different tack with his own slide show, starting with images of his infant daughter…

Over the next decade, emerging technologies and value-based care will completely transform the patient experience.

Healthcare providers and payers, life sciences companies, and governments are all making big investments to transform the global 16 trillion healthcare market.

Venture fundraising in healthcare reached $10.4B in the first half of 2020, equal to all of 2019’s record year. Then, in the first half of 2021, global venture capital funding for digital health companies reached $15 billion.

Moreover, competitors outside the traditional healthcare space such as Amazon, Google and Apple…

By 2025, at least half of the world’s leading digital retailers will take share by anticipating the needs of customers versus responding to them.

When Jack Welch made his famous observation — that competitive advantage lies in the ability to respond to needs faster than competitors — he was looking through a 1980s lens when concepts like smart machines, artificial intelligence, big data and advanced algorithms resided in ivory towers and science fiction films.

Responding to buyer needs after they’ve raised their hands, will soon be a losing strategy. (image: Group Futurista)

In the future, robots and virtual assistants will unleash our creativity by freeing us from the mundane.

In the future, you’ll have more time for creative pursuits as bots assume the mundane. (Image: DataIQ)

Have-your-people-call-my-people is an old Hollywood expression for “I’m too important to consume my time in petty tasks like setting up meetings or lunches.”

I actually became one of these archetypes (albeit temporarily) when…


Use the Kafka Train Ride to Unlock Your Story

This simple technique will blow your mind as its exposes your characters’ motivations, hesitations, and deepest fears.

A postwar ad for the Pennsylvania Railroad

Are you an experienced storyteller having a bit of writer’s block? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try your hand at fiction — or you want to try a different…

If you’re a consulting newbie, use these techniques to look and act like a veteran.

Source: Alberto Brandolini

Every consulting firm trains its people in its methodology, delivery techniques, and payment models. Few however, provide education aimed squarely at the psychology of how to sell and deliver consulting services.

If you’re new to the field you will learn a lot through trial-and-error. But, to save you a bit…

Is a hyperconnected economy where having more connections, more followers, more fans, and more influence —at a tipping point?

Source: JAMA Network Open

Global connectivity, which makes it as easy to connect to people across the world, as to those in the next cubical, is one of the most dramatic developments of the modern age. But, things are changing.

Peer into the future, and hyperconnectivity has assumed new shapes, forms and business models…

Richard Fouts

Richard Fouts is the founder of Comunicado, a marketing communications company that helps brands tell their story.

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